"Inferno" is a horror short film about a stranded woman desperately attempting to escape the motel room to which she has been confined by a horrifying monster. It originated from a desire to tap into the fears of previous generations expressed in films like "Psycho" and "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" through a modern perspective. Based on these references, our team, led by writer and director, Bishal Dutta, built an immersive and nonstop rollercoaster ride of horror.

Regarding his 2017 film, "Dunkirk," director Christopher Nolan said, "It's virtual reality without the goggles." This attitude sums up Bridge the Divide Media's creative approach to "Inferno," which unfolds over seven minutes of real time without any time manipulation, exposition or dialogue. The cinematography, music and sound are designed to create a fluid, nonstop experience of terror. We set out to create a seven-minute rollercoaster ride and every creative choice is fueled by this core ethos. "Inferno" is currently on its path to festivals and has received interest from major horror platforms.

Director of Photography
Production Design
Post Production Supervisor

Bishal Dutta
Ashim Ahuja
Matthew Lynn
Oscar Huezo
Feriba Ayadi Karakoc
Noelle DiMarco
Wesley Hughes