TRIADS is a new show created by Matthew Lynn as a Bridge the Divide Media original show.  The Pilot was recently bought by Dekkoo Streaming Service and will be going into production on Season 1 in February 2019.  It was featured in the Outfest Episodic showcase and has now been accepted into the Independent TV Festival. With this show Bridge the Divide Media sought to create a mature show that would resonate with audiences familiar with networks such as HBO or Showtime.

Triads follows the story of Jason Height, a young man recently displaced on the west coast.  During his conquests and adventures as a twenty-nine year old gay man in Palm Springs he stumbles into a triad relationship with a couple who are on the outs after thirteen years of marriage.   Thinking that a third might help their relationship they agree to move forward only to learn that relationship issues only become more apparent once someone steps in to fill the gaps.  What ensues is a tumultuous experience as everyone tries to figure out what love really is.


Post Sound Supervisor

Matthew Lynn
Matt McClelland
Matthew Lynn
Joseph DiMarco
Wes Hughes