Working With Bridge the Divide Media


“Bridge the Divide is a full service group of narrative production All-Stars. Their level of talent from the earliest stages of development, all the way through post production, is of the highest quality. Working with them, I was struck by how a group with such ingenious creativity and talent could also be so accommodating. They believed in me as a director, and were incredibly clear and professional through each decision along the way. I felt very comfortable that my film was going to be the absolute best it could given our resources and scale. Not only did the team at Bridge the Divide elevate my film from a storytelling standpoint, they did so within my budget and creatively helped me capitalize on each dollar spent.”

- Jonah Moshammer - Director / Blue Noise

“The work that I’ve done with them has played at Tribeca film Festival, been nominated for a Gotham award, been listed as Indiewire’s number one web series of the year, and beyond all this, they have made me personally and artistically happy. I wouldn’t go to anyone else and I don’t plan to. HIRE THEM. The workflow is easy and clear, they help with anything you don’t understand, and they are at once fully malleable and fully confident.”

-Brian Jordan Alvarez, Actor, Writer, Director

"Bridge the Divide Media is by far one of my favorite groups to collaborate with on the post film side. They’re extremely talented, listen to everything I need, and then because of their taste and level of expertise go above and beyond what I ask for. They’re efficient, communicative, smart and incredibly kind and easy to work with. I will use them for the rest of my career. You’d be lucky to work with them."

-Stephanie Koenig, Actor, Writer, Director